Ayurvedic Protein Powder

Ayurvedic Protein Powder For Muscle Gain: Health Benefits, Price

Know About Ayurvedic Protein Powder For Muscle Gain With Health Benefits And Price. Protein is one of the major building blocks of bone, skin and muscle.

Ayurvedic Protein Powder:


Are you looking for the top-selling Ayurvedic protein powders available in India? Do you desire muscles and body?

If the answer is yes, then this article Is the right read you. Protein Powder supplements are essential in getting you the healthy size and shape of the body in less time.

It is very easy to find protein supplements online in India. But, if you are struggling to find the right ayurvedic products then do not look any further. We have compiled the list of the most effective Ayurvedic protein powder supplements in India.

Proteins are essential part of the body structure of every cell and body tissue including blood, skin, hair, nails, and bones. All proteins are built up of smaller units or building blocks called amino acids.


Ayurvedic Protein Powder


Ayurvedic Protein Powder For Muscle Gain:


Protein powder is a popular nutritional supplement. Protein is a vital macronutrient that aids in:

  • building muscle
  • repair tissue
  • make enzymes
  • make hormones
  • aid weight loss
  • help people tone muscles

There are many kinds of protein powder, including

  1. dairy-based
  2. plant-based powders

In this article, we discuss some of the health benefits of ayurvedic protein powder and the different brands available.


Protein is one of the major building blocks of bone, skin and muscle. The body needs it to produce hormones, enzymes, and other building juices.

The health benefits of ayurvedic protein powders include the following:


Ayurvedic Protein Powder


#1. Weight management


Eating protein-rich foods and taking protein supplements helps people feel full for longer.

Feeling full tends to result in smaller portion sizes

Helps us quit frequent snacking

It helps a person maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if necessary.


#2. Muscle growth


Protein is necessary for muscle growth.

Many fitness freaks, athletes and gym enthusiasts consume protein supplement shake because these drinks help us repair the minor muscle tears and makes us strong.


#3. Recovery after exercise


Protein powder supports muscle growth

It can help repair damaged muscles and tissues. As a result, athletes may use protein powder to fasten the recovery from muscle soreness after intense exercise.


Ayurvedic Protein Powder


Proteins are necessary to the human body, and are essential  for many important  processes such as  carrying oxygen, protecting against disease, growing, healing, forming cell structure, growing hair and nails, allowing eyesight, providing energy and more.


The market flooded with various protein supplements but many of us wish to opt for an ayurvedic protein powder. Here is a list of the best ayurvedic protein powders available in India.


Top Ayurvedic Protein Powder


1. Himalaya Quista Pro Advanced Whey Protein Powder



Himalaya Quista PRO, is a rare whey protein packed with naturally loaded amino acids (BCAA).

It metabolizes directly in the muscles and helps them recover effortlessly.

Containing a mixture of 3 forms of whey it is enriched with herbal ingredients like Pomegranate, Ashvagandha, Hadjod.

Experience the ultimate benefits of muscle gain with Quista PRO’s balanced mixture of high-quality proteins and nutrients such as taurine, vitamins, minerals, and calcium.





Himalaya Quista Pro provides the perfect balance of nutrients for muscle recovery and buildup.

It hastens the process of muscle recovery post-workout.




Himalaya Quista Pro enhances your stamina, which is essential to sustain and carry a Healthy workout regime for the long run.




Himalaya Quista Pro manages your bone and muscle health.   Its special nutrient-rich formula aids in maintaining bone health.


PRICE:  Rs. 1900 for 1kg


2. INLIFE Whey Protein Powder for Women Ayurvedic Herbs



INLIFE Whey Protein for Women is the perfect protein shake for women.

It’s each serving offering 23g of clean protein extracted from Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate. The ayurvedic safe ingredients support:

  • weight management
  • lean muscle development 
  • muscle recovery
  • healthy Hair Skin and Nails

This Whey Protein is extracted with Ayurvedic Herbs. It features age-old Ayurvedic ingredients like Tulsi extract, Green Tea extract, Flaxseeds, Shatavari extract that is good for your overall health.

INLIFE Whey Protein for Women is enriched with:

Vitamin & Minerals like  Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, B-Vitamins Biotin, Iron, Zinc, etc to combat us against any form of deficiencies.

It improves immunity & overall health.

The blend of Ayurvedic herbs gives also support better metabolism.


PRICE: Rs.1700 for 500 grams


3. Kapiva Men’s Vegan Protein



 Kapiva Men’s Vegan Protein has the benefits of 2 Ayurvedic herbs namely:

  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Gokshura (Ginseng)

While Ashwagandha aids in improving muscle strength, Gokshura is great for protein absorption by muscles.

 This vegan protein is men’s specific. It has a unique blend of 4 high-quality sources of protein –

  1. Pea protein
  2. Rice Protein
  3. Fava Bean Protein
  4. Quinoa Powder

The 24.2g lean protein provides you all vital vitamins and antioxidants to keep your muscles strengthened and toned. It also boosts overall growth.

The plant-based protein for men does not contain any added sugar and it’s gluten-free.

The lean protein is extracted from natural sources and does not have any soy or whey protein. 

PRICE: Rs.2099 for 850 grams


4. INLIFE Livstan Liver Support Protein Powder Supplement Whey Protein Powder & Ayurvedic Herbs



INLIFE Livstan powder is composed of Whey Protein is manufactured to high-quality standards. It is a herbal, ayurvedic comprehensive liver support formula. It has a synergistic combination of Whey Protein and Ayurvedic Herbs.

Supports essential liver health. Our blend of detoxifying ingredients:

  • help cleanse the liver
  • support healthy liver function 
  • aid the liver’s ability to regenerate healthy cells

Our Liver plays a role in helping rid the body of harmful toxins and waste.

INLIFE Livstan Protein Powder assists liver function and health.

It is a free radical scavenger, powerful antioxidant, and detoxifier that enhances liver toxin removal.

PRICE: Rs.1350 for 300 grams


5. Veda Pure 100% Plant-Based Protein


Veda pure Performance Plant Protein is:

  • lactose-free
  • vegan protein supplement

It’s formulated to fuel your post-workout recovery. It provides 76% isolate protein per serving derived from all plant-based ingredients. It has zeroes added sugar

Ayurvedic Herbs Blend is curated specifically to enhance Energy & Immunity

It contains plant-based bromelain enzymes and papain that makes rapid protein absorption and better digestion.

The product is full of antioxidants that help in muscle recovery and prevent cell damage.

No artificial sweeteners, No added sugar and totally soy and dairy-free source of quality vegan protein

PRICE: Rs.1999 for 500 grams


6. AndMe Women’s protein powder



AndMe Women’s protein powder has 20 gram of Plant protein. In 30% of daily quantity for your overall health it is composed of the following:

  • 16 Ayurvedic herbs
  • 14 Vitamins
  • 7 Minerals
  • 11 Antioxidants

The best part about Andme is that it has absolutely NO artificial ingredients.

AndMe Women’s protein has delicious taste with chocolate flavour. The ayurvedic safe ingredients support:

  • weight management
  • lean muscle development 
  • muscle recovery
  • healthy Hair Skin and Nails
  • Hormone regulation

PRICE: Rs.1099 for 500 grams


7. Livo Universal Ayurvedic Whey Protein Concentrate



It has Natural BCAA & High Fiber per serving makes it the best ayurvedic Whey protein Supplement powder. Ayu Tech Whey Protein Concentrate with 25g protein.

This Protein is manufactured using Whey from the United States of America ensuring protein quality of international standards

It is Chemical Free, Sugar-Free, Dextrose Free & Gluten Free.

Livo Universal’s Ayu Tech Ayurveda is scientifically tested and Certified by fssai, HACCP, GMP, ISO,

It has the following benefits:

#1. Better Muscle Building & Performance
#2. Enhances Recovery
#3. Superior Digestibility
#4. Sugar-Free, Dextrose Free, Chemical Free, Gluten-Free
#5. Better Protein Synthesis
#6. Prevents Cortisol
#7. Natural Source of BCAA
#8. Better Gut Health
#9. Decrease Muscle Soreness
#10. Boosts Immunity
#11. Decreases Muscle Wastage
#12. Improves Anabolism
#13. Better Sleep
#14. Alkaline Properties
#16. Prevents Kidney Issues

Price: Rs 2899 for 1kg 


No. Ayurvedic Protein Brand Pros  Cons Price 
1 Himalaya Quista Pro Advanced Whey Protein Powder  Popular trusted brand

Reasonable Price

None Rs. 1900 for 1kg
2 INLIFE Whey Protein Powder for Women Ayurvedic Herbs Great Women-specific supplement Not Suitable for men Rs.1700 for 500 grams
3 Kapiva Men’s Vegan Protein Popular trusted brand Only For Men Rs.2099 for 850 grams
4 INLIFE Livstan Liver Support Protein Powder Supplement Whey Protein Powder & Ayurvedic Herbs Reasonable Price Particularly Liver Support Protein formulation, not for overall health Rs.1350 for 300 grams
5 Veda Pure 100% Plant-Based Protein  Suitable for Both Men and Women Expensive Rs.1999 for 500 grams
6 AndMe Women’s protein powder Reasonable Price If compared to most of the protein powders Not Suitable for men Rs. 1o99 for 500 grams
7 Livo Universal Ayurvedic Whey Protein Concentrate Suitable for Both Men and Women Very Expensive Rs2899 for 1kg 


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Bottom Line


Protein powders are a beneficial supplement for people who work out regularly also who doesn’t have a good protein intake regularly through traditional food, especially vegetarians, athletes, older adults, and vegans.

They are a convenient source of fulfilling protein requirement in the body. Sometimes they also contain other essential nutrients.

However, not everyone needs extra protein supplement. People who eat a diet that is rich in dairy, eggs, meat, fish and do not do intense weight training are unlikely to need to take protein supplements.

People who need to supplement their diet with protein supplement should choose a high-quality product and speak to their doctor or a dietitian before using it.

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