Best Multivitamin Tablets

16 Best Multivitamin Tablets in India | For Men, Women, Glowing Skin

Know 16 Best Multivitamin Tablets in India also know about best multivitamin for Men, Women, Bodybuilding, and Glowing skincare.

Best Multivitamin Tablets in India

The human body performs several tasks every day. To perform these tasks, an individual needs some kind of strength and energy, undoubtedly. This is where vitamins and minerals come in a major role. Our body requires a certain amount of different minerals and vitamins for several purposes of body development. Our everyday balanced diet might not contain all the useful required nutrients. That is where we are implied to consume multivitamins. These multivitamins are developed to eliminate the deficiency of any kind of vitamins or minerals. Also, at the same time, they are really beneficial to us in many ways.

Benefits of Multivitamins


Multivitamins reflect plenty of healthy benefits

  •     Reduces stress level
  •     Provides energy
  •     Regulates blood level
  •     Helps in concentration and focus
  •     Helps in muscle and tissue growth
  •     Supports brain and heart functions

 Let us have a look at the best multivitamins in India: 

Best Multivitamin Tablets for Men

Men’s and women’s bodies are different. And thereby, different requirements of nutrients are needed. In everyday routine, much of the nutrients demand remains unfulfilled. Thus, multivitamins play a crucial role in the body’s development. According to the factors like requirements, ingredients, activities, age, and concentration, we bring you the list of best multivitamins for men. 

ON Opti-Men Multivitamin Tablets

Men require an extra dose of energy and nutrition for everyday busy life. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men tablets contain the maximum nutrients required for a healthy man. It comprises vitamins like Vitamin B, C. D, Biotin, Thiamin, and more nutrients. To keep you fit and strong, this multivitamin is a must inclusion in your balanced diet.

Important features:

  •     Pack of 90 tablets
  •     70 potent ingredients
  •     Enhances cognitive functions
  •     Boosts bodybuilding and stamina
  •     Daily health supplement for the active man 

Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin

Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin is a superb formula for men. It fulfills vitamin deficiency and provides vigor to men. The presence of zinc increases the immunity of the body. Probiotics and plant enzymes help greatly in the digestive functions of the body. Take these multivitamins and feel all more energized.

Important features:

  •     Pack of 150 tablets
  •     FSSAI approved
  •     Gluten-free tablets
  •     Contains folic acid in a good amount
  •     100% vegetarian product 

Men’s One Food-based Multivitamin

Men’s One Multivitamin is made up of plant derivatives and healthy herbs. This effective formula promotes a healthy heart also. This is developed keeping in view the man’s body needs. It also doesn’t affect the stomach due to its formulation. It is a perfect blend of superfoods, herbs, minerals, and essential vitamins. You must take it for high rate metabolism and muscle & tissue growth.

Important features:

  •     100% vegetarian
  •     No artificial colors or preservatives
  •     Contains B complex
  •     Boosts strength, stamina, and immunity
  •     Easy to digest due to the plant-based formula  

Best Multivitamin Tablets for Women


Women often need extra vitamins and minerals since they menstruate, and their physical body needs are different from men. Women must take a balanced diet as pregnancy day demands them to be extra stronger. Even a young girl on the verge of puberty requires all the essential nutrients for proper body development and growth. They generally require Vitamin B12, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Multivitamins give them the key vitamins which they can miss or avoid, or do not get from their daily routine diet.

Here are some of the best multivitamins for women:

Puryati Multivitamin for Senior Women

Buryatia has designed special multivitamins for senior women. It comprises 23 potent ingredients and essential nutrients. It mainly comprises Vitamins A, B, C, folic acid, and antioxidants. It gives enough strength as well as support to bone health. It has a 100% natural formula comprising calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, and selenium. It also works on joints and relieves joint pain in elderly women. The quality is assured and it passes food safety standards.

Important features:

  •     Boosts immunity in senior women
  •     100% vegetarian
  •     Aids brain functions
  •     Supports overall health
  •     Gluten-free and sugar-free multivitamins


Natural Women’s Sport & Fitness Daily Multivitamin

Nature presents you with the perfect multivitamins for sporty and fit women. To let you cover extra miles every day, 55 potent nutrients arrive in a blended formula in these multivitamins. It is specially designed for super active women in this fast-growing world. It also contains antioxidants and enhances alertness in the body. It boosts immunity and aids in brain functions.  

Important features:


  •     100% vegetarian
  •     Pack of 60 tablets
  •     Supports overall health of women
  •      The striking high-performance rate in women
  •      The extraordinary formula of herbal ingredients
  •     Contains vital amino acids 

MuscleBlaze Daily Multivitamin for Women


MuscleBlaze multivitamins are the most advanced multivitamins for women. It helps in the healthy growth of the body. It gives you all the required nutrients to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is a unique blend of 9 minerals, 11 vitamins, Biloba extract, and ginseng. Such micronutrient consumption gives you energy, vitality, and strength, catering to your overall health.


Important features:

  •     Pack of 60 capsules
  •     Provides immunity
  •     Enhances bone density in women
  •     Regulates blood circulation
  •     Provides immunity and strengthens the body

Best Ayurvedic Multivitamin Tablets in India

Ayurveda is not only the most ancient form of medication and treatment in India but also, very effective in its secrets of natural ingredients. The age-old and timeless Ayurveda potential is undoubted. We have brought to you the best Ayurvedic Multivitamins in India: 

Zandu Vitality Booster

Zandu Vitality Booster is an amazing ayurvedic formula containing Ashwagandha, Saffron, Shilajit, Clove, and herbs. This provides you with a healthy lifestyle and reduces stress. This has various effective health benefits. it also improves the body’s immunity system. Everyday performance gets improved and this boosts stamina and strength. It also supports liver functions and aids in proper digestion. This ayurvedic multivitamin re-energizes you from within.


Important features:

  •     Pack of 60 capsules
  •     Non-GMO
  •     No added flavor and contains premium quality
  •     No artificial colors or preservatives

Kapiva Multivitamin


Kapiva Multivitamin comes in special gummies form to give you an enriching taste. The formulation is developed with the RDA essential requirements of both adults and kids. It contains multivitamins like A, B1, B2, D2, Idoine, Iron, Zinc, and more vital nutrients. It boosts the active mechanism in the body and provides energy for everyday functions. This is 100% natural and ginseng present in it gives you extra immunity. These powerful multivitamins contain the benefits of ginseng, and all essential vitamins and minerals.  

Important features:

  •     Pack of 60 Gummies
  •     Natural multivitamin supplement
  •     15 essential vitamins
  •     Supports overall health and nutrition to the body
  •     100% plant-based
  •     Gluten-Free and approved by FDA

Potentveda Daily Multivitamin


Potentveda daily multivitamin with Ginseng expert is a powerhouse of numerous health benefits. it improves concentration, memory, and focus. It provides you strength and stamina for everyday activities. It enhances brain functioning and relieves anxiety. The goodness of ginseng, minerals, and vitamins improves the overall wellness of the body. The ginseng extract makes it an extra energetic supplement

Important features:

  •     Pack of 90 capsules
  •     Gluten Free and Non-GMO
  •     Vegetarian
  •     Boosts immunity and dietary supplement
  •     Contains antioxidants
  •     Reduces stress and fatigue


Best Multivitamin Tablets for Glowing Skin

Everybody wants to have wonderful skin. Glowing skin is not a choice but an absolute right. Do you have a good multivitamin that can give you a better complexion and toned skin? Vitamin E is really required as it acts as an antioxidant agent and nourishes the skin from damage. Also, being a fat-soluble vitamin, it does deep cleansing and protects the skin from within. Some of the other requirements of skin are Vitamin C, fish oil, omega 3, and zinc. So, consumption of multivitamins rich in Vitamin E will really help in adorning wonderful skin.

Some of the best multivitamins for glowing skin are:

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails


Nature’s bounty presents to you the skincare dietary supplement for glowing skin. It is also effective for hair growth and nails. It is a unique blend of effective 16 potent ingredients. It contains 3000 mcg of Biotin per serving. The comprehensive package of 60 coated capsules shows results within 15 days of usage. It has been laboratory tested and guaranteed quality.

Important features:
  •     Pack of 60 capsules
  •     Effective shelf life for 24 months
  •     Multivitamin supplement for skincare
  •     16 potent ingredients in the formulation
  •     Contains no artificial flavors


MUSCLEXp Biotin Hair Skin and Nails Complete Multivitamins


MUSCLEXp Biotin multivitamins are a superb dietary source for your hair, skin, and nails. It has been combined with amino acids for fabulous results. It comprises a perfect dose of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. The advanced formula offers you natural beauty by providing all core requirements of the body to maintain healthy skin. It gives essential nutrients for collagen production that in return provides vibrant skin to you.

Important features:
  •     Complete pack of 60 tablets
  •     Effective skin multivitamin with the richness of amino acids
  •     Vegetarian
  •     Rich in antioxidants and Biotin
  •     Comprises of 8 minerals, 11 vitamins, and 13 amino acids

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NutraBerry Collagen Capsules for Hair, Skin, and Nails


NutraBerry Collagen supplement is a natural formula for skin rejuvenation. It makes you look younger. The plant-derived phytoceramide hydrates your skin really well. It repairs skin from any damage and nourishes the core. It has passed quality assurance also and is 100% natural. For overall skin, hair, and nails, you can take this supplement and notice smooth and glowing results immediately.

Important features
  •     Pack of 240 tablets
  •     Vegetarian
  •     Multivitamins for overall skincare
  •     Effective in Anti-aging and skin nourishment
  •     Contains plant-derived all-natural phytoceramide 

Best Multivitamin Tablets for Bodybuilding in India

Bodybuilding has become a favorite sport among the youth and healthcare professionals. If you are one among them or thinking to gain some muscle mass, then you must take multivitamins for bodybuilding.

Universal Nutrition Uni Vita


Universal Nutrition Uni Vita offers a very special package of multivitamins for bodybuilders. It has been specifically developed for athletes. It does not tend for normal use. It provides you great strength, stamina, and vitality. For muscle growth and strength, Uni Vite multivitamins have been formulated of 50 high-performing ingredients. 

Important features:
  •     Pack of 120 capsules
  •     Effective and powerful for athletes
  •      The complete and comprehensive package
  •     Supplementary multivitamins ensuring muscle growth for bodybuilders 

MuscleTech Multi-Vitamin


Everyday workout routine tends to demand nutrients for the body. Any deficiency of minerals or vitamins can cause trouble for your muscle growth. Muscletech offers a great source of vitamins in its dietary supplement tablets. These are highly recommended for performing several energetic activities. It will boost the required dose of minerals and vitamins in the body. 

Important features:

  •     Pack contains 90 capsules
  •     Supports athletic performance
  •     Provides micronutrients to the body
  •     Aids overall health of bodybuilders


Muscle Pharm Armour V

MusclePharm Armour V is known for its exceptional formula. It is an extraordinary blend of natural ingredients all together with herbs and organics. This will empower strength and muscle growth in the body. It is undoubtedly the best choice for bodybuilders and athletes.

Important  features:

  •     Contains enriching antioxidants
  •     Ingredients comprise fresh vegetables and all-natural, fruit derivatives
  •     Regulates immunity system
  •     Carries B vitamin complex for power and vitality



Which are the best multivitamins in India?

MuscleTech and MuscleBlaze are the top brands of multivitamins in India. 

When I should take multivitamins?

You can take it twice every day. 

Can I take multivitamins with milk?

Yes, you can take it with milk for better results. 

Is it safe to take multivitamins every day?

Yes, it is absolutely normal to take multivitamins every day. 

Are multivitamins effective for boosting the immunity system?

Multivitamins are really effective in increasing the immunity system of the body.




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