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13 Best Gyms in Chandigarh: Facilities, Location And Fees

Let’s know about the 13 Best Gyms in Chandigarh with their facilities, location and fee structure also with their benefits.

Every city has its own set of fitness freak and Chandigarh is nowhere far behind. There are many fitness enthusiasts for whom going to the gym is an everyday regime.

This is the reason Chandigarh has so many gyms to boast around providing the best services.

Since we all live busy lifestyle few days a week to the gym can give us the right health choice we might be needing. Due to increasing competitions gyms are coming up with lucrative options and hence also charging a good amount of fees.


Best Gyms In Chandigarh:


One must make sure that before signing up for the membership of the gym you are serious about the decision. Before deciding also keep in mind the entire concept of going to the gym.

Now, if you are looking for a Gym in Chandigarh at a low price, then you have landed on the right page. We will tell you about the best 10 Gyms in Chandigarh.


Here are some list of Best Gyms In Chandigarh with their fees , location and facilities:


1. Golds Gym


Facility A much trusted years old fitness chain. It’s spread everywhere, a brand that is known by most people. It has the latest equipment and expert trainers.

They also provide personal diet chats. Give guidance on nutrition and fitness counselling as well.

Fee Structure Quarterly Plan: 8600 for 3 months

Yearly Plans: 23,700 for 1 year

Half Year Plan: 13,100 for 6 months

Address C-133, Ground Floor, Industrial Area, Phase 8, Sahib Zada Ajit Singh Nagar


Gym In Chandigarh


2.  The Code Fitness


Facility An excellent gym with Precor fitness equipment. Expert programs developed by an expert. It also has a dance, yoga, sports facility.
Fee structure Quarterly: 14,000 for 3 months

Half-year Plan: 18,000 for 6 months

Yearly Plan: 24,000 for 1 year

Address SCO 45-48, Sector 8C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh


3. Body Ozone Fitness & Spa


Facility A luxurious gym for an exclusive experience. It has additional facilities of the spa as well.
Fee structure Quarterly: 21,000

Half-yearly: 36,000

1 year: 54,000

Address SCO 180-187, Second Floor C, Madhya Marg, Sector 9-C


4. Suprama Gym Chandigarh


Facility A gym by Ozie has some of the great experts available here. It’s 18 years old and has facilities for aerobic classes as well.
Fee Structure Quarterly: 4000

Half-yearly: 6,500

Annually: 12,500

Address SCO-3013-14, 2nd Floor, sector, 22D, Chandigarh


5. Burn Gym and Spa


Facility The right place for all fitness freaks.  It aims to give a fit body and energetic experience to all.
Fee Structure Quarterly plan: 8000

Half-yearly plan: 11,000


Address SCO 62, 63, First floor, sector 8C, Sector 8


6. Bodyscape The Fitness Temple


Facility A 17-year-old chain considered best in personalized in a training program to it’s members. It has facilities like kickboxing, Zumba, sports, yoga etc.
Fee Structure  Not Mentioned
Address SCO 100-101, Sector 34-A


7. Ozi Gym & Spa


Facility A renowned gym with spa facilities, it also includes an indoor swimming pool, cafeteria etc.
Fee Structure Quarterly: 7000

Annually: 13,000

Address SCO, 134- 135- 136, Madhya Marg, Sector 8 C, Chandigarh


Gym In Chandigarh


8.  Club Pulse Piccadilly


Facility This gym has state of art facilities. It has some best equipment and gadgets. It has come best fitness trainers in the gym.
Fee Structure Quarterly fee: 12,500

Half-yearly Fee:18,000

Annual fee:26, 000

Address Top Floor, Piccadilly square, Sector 34 A


9. Flexity Gym: The Fitness Centre


Facility A gym spread on 5000 sq. ft. They have the best facilities to present. It has aerobics, boxing, indoor cycling, power yoga etc.
Fee Structure Not Available
Address SCO, 4 Sector-26, Madhya Marg


10. Oxy Gym


Facility Special instructors available, individual-specific fitness regime.  It has all the latest facilities like cardio and advanced weight training programs.
Fee Structure Quarterly: 9000

Half-yearly: 12,000

Annually: 18,000

Address Hotel Mount View, Sector 10


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Benefits of Gym:


When someone joins a gym, he or she ends up getting some life-altering benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  • A consistent workout can change the way you look
  • It can increase your energy levels and boost your days
  • Gyms can helps you feel more confident
  • It makes you strong
  • A gym can give you the right environment




Now you are well equipped with the list of the Best Gyms in Chandigarh. It’s vital that you decided on a suitable gym based on criteria like fee structure, facilities, location etc.

Even though money is not as important as our health but to find a decently paid gym is also very important. The experience of trainers matters a lot as well. Gym workout needs expert instructions or else we can cause to ourselves injury.

So choose the Best Gym, follow a healthy lifestyle and diet. Keep your body healthy in times of crisis and build immunity.

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