Organic India Green Tea

Organic India Green Tea: Review, Benefits, Flavours, Weight Loss

Organic India Green Tea


Organic India Green Tea review about benefits, weight loss, and Organic India Green Tea Flavours. also know about pros and cons.


Organic India has some of the most exquisite green tea blends that aids in weight management, mood enhancer, skin benefits, etc. 


People have sworn by the health benefits of green tea for centuries. Researches have shown that consuming green tea has positively affect skin health, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and help with weight loss.




1. Organic India Green Tea & Calorie Burn


When your bodily systems are working at the best capacity, it’s a bonus to your body’s healthy functioning. Researches have found that green tea is great for metabolism.

It means that your blood is flowing better, your heart is pumping at a healthy rate, and your digestive system is functioning along well. Hence it keeps you active and you end up burning calories.


Organic India Green Tea


2. Organic India Green Tea & Unnecessary Cell Growth


After all, we all know someone who has been affected by cancer and may have even faced it ourselves. Studies have come up with the conclusion that green tea is great for cell functioning.

It’s a pretty big incentive to add it to your day. It can prevent many types of cancer,  including the pancreas,  mouth, kidney, stomach, and mammary glands, among others.


3. Organic India Green Tea & WEIGHT LOSS


As green tea changes your rate of metabolism it makes you more active. Hence it makes you burn calories and lose weight.

In a study of overweight subjects, it was concluded that weight and waist circumference decreased in those who drank green tea regularly. 


4. Organic India Green Tea & Cardiac Health


Cardiovascular diseases are high up there when it comes to the cause of death. Green tea can affect cholesterol levels that play a factor in conditions like stroke and heart attack. Drink green tea decreases bad cholesterol in the blood.


5. Organic India Green Tea &  DIABETES


Type 2 diabetes is on the increase. It could be due to diets and the fact that we often exercise less than we should. Regular intake of green tea manages insulin spikes and blood sugar levels, a culprit of diabetes, are lowered, too.


Organic India Green Tea


6. Organic India Green Tea & ORAL HEALTH


Your oral health is important and green tea can help in maintaining it. In fact, some bacterial infections and diseases can result from a less than a taken-care-of set of teeth and gums. The catechins in green tea fight against oral bacteria. 


7. Organic India Green Tea & INFLAMMATION


Green tea contains flavonoids it has been proven to fight inflammation in the body.

The component epigallocatechin gallate in green tea has anti-inflammatory effects and protects cell DNA. There are also antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties in green tea which also work against inflammation.


Organic India Green Tea Flavours


ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea Classic combines the wellness-boosting properties of holy basil and green tea. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Classic is certified organic and the judicious blend of green tea and Tulsi gives it a pleasant taste. Choose your cuppa from a wide range of flavors and make it
a daily, healthy habit! 


1. Tulsi Organic India Green Tea Classic 


Organic India Green Tea


A blend of the Tulsi trio and premium Green Tea, it promotes healthy metabolism which is vital to weight management.
#1. Aids in burning fat
#2. Rich in antioxidants
#3. Improves stress-response
#4. Builds immunity


Tulsi Green Tea Classic  Rate
100 grams Tin Rs. 230
25 Tea Bags Rs.174


2. Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger


Organic India Green Tea


A blend of Tulsi, Premium Green Tea, ginger, and lemongrass, this is a healthy as well as an aromatic blend that is antiageing, fat-fighting, and great for the winters.

#1. An energizing blend that awakens the senses

#2. Refreshing aroma with a zing of lemongrass

#3. Good for digestion especially in the monsoon

25 Tea Bags for Rs174


3. Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate


Organic India Green Tea


A blend of Tulsi, Premium Green Tea, pomegranate seeds, and elderberry, this is a very invigorating and refreshing tea that is useful for stress management and weight loss.
#1. Rich in flavor
#2. Abundant in antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin C

25 Tea Bags for Rs174

4. Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine

Organic India Green Tea

A blend of Tulsi, Premium Green Tea, jasmine flowers, ginger, and chamomile, this delicious blend is also useful for stress management and weight loss.
#1. Uplifts mood
#2.  Anti-aging

25 Tea Bags for Rs174


5. Tulsi Green Tea Earl Grey


Organic India Green Tea


This tea is blended with Tulsi, Premium Green Tea, and bergamot oil from citrus fruit. It’s aromatic, refreshing, and useful in weight and stress management.
#1. Great aroma and taste
#2. Improves digestion and oral health

25 Tea Bags for Rs174


6. Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha

Organic India Green Tea

This tea is blended with Tulsi, Premium Green Tea, and ashwagandha. It’s aromatic, refreshing, and useful in weight and stress management.

#1. Abundant antioxidants, with lemongrass’s calming effect
#2. Incorporating the healing effects of Ashwagandha and tulsi for stress-related issues
#3. A powerhouse of energy to keep the body relaxed

25 Tea Bags for Rs174


Organic India Emphasis mandatory use of Tulsi in Green Tea


The benefits of Tulsi are backed by both modern and ancient research. It helps the body adapt to stress. Tulsi is known for its rich antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. It is also abundant in vitamins and minerals.

ORGANIC INDIA is honored and privileged to be the first company to bring the sacred Tulsi to the world market as a delicious herbal tea. Staying true to our belief in bringing holistic health and true wellness for all, we only use natural organic/bio-dynamic fertilizers that help our plants flourish.

-Reduces Stress
-Powerful Adaptogen
-Abundant In Antioxidants
-Supports the Immune System
-Balances Energy Levels
-Improves Digestion
-Helps Fight Illness
-Uplifts Mood
-Eases Jet-Lag
-Builds Strength & Stamina
-Guards Against Cough & Cold
-Promotes Healthy Metabolism


Organic India Green Tea


Tulsi Green Tea Classic 25 Tea Bag / Tin Box- Stress Relieving & Refreshing ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea contains natural Tulsi herbs good for health. Scientific studies show that both Tulsi, as well as Green Tea, promote healthy metabolism which is essential for weight management.


Both offer a great number of health benefits including an abundance of antioxidants which eliminate damaging free radicals in the body. Our amazing combination refreshes and tastes wonderful. Drink up and enjoy.

  • Contains Natural Caffeine
  • FSSAI Certified
  • 100% Organic Certified
  • Staple free tea bags
  • Our infusion bags are made from unbleached, biodegradable fibre.


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Bottom Line 


Green tea may have multiple health benefits. For example, heal skin inflammation, may help weight management, and type 2 diabetes. Some research has also linked green tea consumption to improve heart health.

Green tea has one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any tea. It contains less caffeine than black tea and coffee and it is naturally low in calories.


Organic India Green Tea


Green Tea FAQ


1. What is the history of green tea?

As there are various versions of green tea’s history story we gonna discuss the most popular and oldest story. It’s documented in the book written by Lu Yu in 600-900 AD (Tang Dynasty), “Tea Classic”.

It’s about the king waring with a cup of warm water and accidentally dropped green tea leaves in his cup.

The Kissa Yojok Book of Tea, penned by Zen priest Eisai in 1191, describes the benefits of green tea and its effect on five vital organs. These books are considered important in green tea history.

2. Is extra Green Colour added to make the green tea look so green?

No colour, preservatives, additives are added to Green Tea. Organic India is completely naturally derived with no artificial colours as well as fertilizers.

The tea leaves are processed in a way to keep their original character, after brewing loose leaf tea, the leaf should be green.

3. Does green tea have Caffeine?

Yes, Green Tea does have caffeine. The caffeine content has approx 8 mg to 30 mg, this aids the brain remain alert.

4. How to identify a good green tea?

After brewing the green tea, the tea leaves should have their original character. This means that the tea leaves should turn green, you can take a leaf and chew it to see if it is bitter.

High-Quality green tea will have no after bitter taste.

5. Why does green tea tastes bitter?

The bitterness can be attributed to astringency, the lower the astringency the better the green tea.

It basically means that good green tea will never be bitter.


Is green tea a laxative?


Green tea might help with increasing metabolism,  but that doesn’t make it a laxative. If you experienced a strong laxative effect from green tea blends, this might be because of other ingredients mixed in with green tea.

Detox teas usually contain green tea and senna, a powerful herbal laxative.

If you experience a slight laxative effect after consuming green tea, this will likely be in the morning and might be related to warm water and caffeine. Drinking warm water impacts bowel movement and tea is made with hot water.


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