What is Fitness? Learn All About Fitness

Fitness .. these days is popularly conceptualized as looking physically in shape and is moving heavily towards shortcuts to achieve a specific shape or faking it through clothing and cosmetics. When we think of fitness, we immediately envision lifting weights, running on the treadmill, and lacing up our running shoes for an early morning jog.

What is Fitness

IN REALITY, Fitness is a very broad term. Yes, BEING FIT Physically is a part of overall fitness. But, just looking physically fit is not!


Looking physically fit is an illusion which we can create these days with the help of medical sciences and muscular theories. BEING FIT physically in actuality is a concept of physical strength. Physical Strength has a direct relation to the ability of a being to survive in conditions as harsh as possible. As we all know, that humans are evolving beings and to facilitate a being to evolve into a more strong being is totally dependent on the situation in which you put that being in.
So, Remember true physical strength comes from true suffering.
Although, it’s not only true for physical fitness. All kinds of fitness are evolutionary.


1. Mental Fitness

2. Physical Fitness

3. Emotional Fitness

4. Spiritual Fitness


MENTAL FITNESS – is what keeps you recognizable in the community or whole human community and triggers you to do work on your survivor ship. It’s all about having a strong and healthy mind to allow you to handle the challenges and opportunities that life puts in front of you, without getting too worn out.

TO IMPROVE MENTAL FITNESS–  one must visualize, meditate, stop multitasking, journal, read.

I.E. Build strength of his thinking ability


PHYSICAL FITNESS – is what makes you capable to survive in different conditions. This comes after the brain is doing its work sufficiently to make a thoughtful decision on how to survive.

TO IMPROVE PHYSICAL FITNESS–  one must push his limits by putting

himself in more physically challenging situation then his daily routine.

I.E. Build strength and endurance of one’s cardiovascular & Muscular abilities.


EMOTIONAL FITNESS – is the capability to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and em-pathetically, this means being aware that emotions can drive our behavior and impact people(positively and negatively) and learning how to manage those emotions- both our own and others. This makes you capable of making decisions without getting emotionally attached.

TO IMPROVE EMOTIONAL FITNESS– one must reduce Negative Emotions, learn how to  bounce back from adversity. etc.

I.E.  Must see where emotions are driving the decision & have full control over his emotions.


SPIRITUAL FITNESS – is what makes you question your being. And, relates to defining your own purpose to survive. This is the fourth step after the MENTAL,  PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL needs have been met.

TO IMPROVE SPIRITUAL FITNESS – one must question everything from the very base. Do you ever question your being? No? you are stuck into so called materialistic world?

I.E. Build strength of wisdom beyond my minds ability and creativity and flexibility to lovingly deal with whatever might happen next to me or to any loved one. Nurturing into a thoughtful being and getting motivated to survive for a purpose. questioning and getting answers to questions like why pursue healthwhy pursue fitwhy pursue faithwhy peruse love.?


BTW, We are done with primitive knowledge.

Now, let’s answer the question in a manner that you want to hear. !!

First- one needs to have a very decisive mind that is rigid and sticks to the goals

Second- Understand the mechanism of “how your body works”. Nutrition is necessary

Third- one needs make the body suffer by pushing the physical limits. I.E. workout (yes it comes last)

These three combined will definitely give you a look that roars about your fitness level But not actually fit.

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