Women's Plus Horlicks Review

All About Women’s Plus Horlicks Review With Nutritional Facts

Women are the one who takes care of everyone’s wellbeing neglecting her own. Big Mistake.

Women must not forget her health is their first and most important capital. 

Women’s Plus Horlicks  Review


Today we are here with an article to review Women’s Plus Horlicks. 

Horlicks Women’s Plus is a nutritional health drink for every woman. 

It has an advanced formula of CALSEAL and assures the fulfilment of 100% daily requirement of three nutrients. It’s proven that it provides the following nutrients:

#1 Calcium

#2 Vitamin D

#3 Vitamin K2


Important: Horlicks women’s plus can be added to the diet to include essential nutrients required everyday, as it is low in fat and has no added sugar.

Women's Plus Horlicks Review


Nutritional Fact of Women’s Plus Horlicks

  • Cereal Extract (47%)
  • Barley (27%)
  • Wheat (11%)
  • Malted Barley (8%)
  • Milk Solids (26%)
  • Corn Solids (Hydrolyzed)
  • Minerals
  • Salts
  • Natural Flavors Substance 
  • Vitamins


There are research that indicates 1 out of every 2 women above 30 years of age develops a risk of low bone density. Therefore bone-building needs nutrients along with a balanced diet. 


What are the benefits of including Horlicks in your diet? 


  • It helps in making the bones strong as it boosts calcium intake.
  • It boosts the flow of Hemoglobin in the body as it increases the flow of iron which aids in building the immune system stronger.
  • Horlicks presents necessary Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and it helps in defending the cells of the human body.
  • Horlicks induces the flow of Vitamin A hence; it strengthens the immune system of the human body and also aids eyesight.
Fun Fact: Horlicks came to India with Indian Soldiers of the British Indian Army as a diet supplement.


  • Vitamin B1 in Horlicks helps in the healthy functioning of the heart.
  • Calcium is also in Horlicks helps to protect teeth.
  • Iron present in Horlicks aids in the production of red blood cells.
  • Horlicks consists of Zinc which aids in healing wounds.

Women's Plus Horlicks Review

Women’s bones are comparatively weaker than men’s. Women often ignore their health unless some symptoms are visible. In a world, with increasing hustle, workload and stress, our traditional food habits and lifestyle diet often fail to provide us with sufficient nutrition. Neglected consumption of micronutrition amongst women is quite common.

How To Use?
  1. Take about 200 ml of Hot or Cold, water or milk.
  2. Take 3 Teaspoonfuls (27g) of Horlicks.
  3. Add and stir well. The extra addition of sugar is not recommended.


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Analysis of Major Ingredients 
#1 Artificial Vitamins & Minerals

If someone is trying to avoid synthetic supplements then all the vitamins & minerals can also be gained from fruits and vegetable. But if someone is comfortable with synthetic supplements then it’s a good option.

#2 Artificial Sweetener 

The packaging suggests “Contains Acesulfame Potassium. Not Recommended for Children”. 

It’s a calorie-free sweetener up to 200 times sweeter than sugar. 

FDA recommends that Acesulfame must be taken in limited proportion. 

#3 Corn Solids (hydrolyzed)

It involves hydrolyzed corn solid, which means it’s simple to digest. It’s another form of sugar. Though it’s not much recommended for people suffering from diabetes as this artificial sugar tends to spike sugar levels in the blood. 


Myth: Start Calcium Intake when the symptom of weak bones is visible.


Women's Plus Horlicks Review


Fact: Weak bones have zero visible symptoms, it’s unnoticed for years. 



Good Calcium & Vitamin intake

No added sugar

Make your bones stronger

Available in only 2 flavors

Bottom Line:

The benefits of supplement can be derived from it as our lives have become too hectic. Women’s Plus Horlicks is a great option out there easily available and affordable in the market. 


CAUTION: The packaging suggests “Contains Acesulfame Potassium. Not Recommended for Children”. 


Hence, Women’s Plus Horlicks is a great option when women turn 25 plus specially. Women’s bone is inherently weak and needs consistent addition of micronutrients to keep themselves healthy.

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