Yakult: Probiotic Health Drink Review With Benefits, Side Effects

Yakult Probiotic Review: All About Yakult Probiotic Health Drink With Benefits and Side Effects. Also know Yakult Ingredients and Advantages and Disadvantages.

Yakult is a very popular drink amongst health-conscious people. It is a common drink for maintaining gut health. We all know it’s a small probiotic drink with many benefits for our gut. Before jumping to any details first let us clear our basics about it.

What is a Yakult Probiotic?


If we go by a simple scientific definition then it means “Probiotics are live microorganisms. They claim that they provide health benefits when consumed.

It provides health benefits like improving or restoring the gut system. Probiotics are typically safe to consume but may cause bacteria-host interactions and unwanted side effects in rare cases.


Can a probiotic drink enhance my mood and make me calm?

Our gut and mood are interrelated. It’s analysed that people under stress have different gut microbe composition than people who are more calm and cheerful.


Benefits of Yakult Probiotic Health Drink:




1. Yakult & Bacteria in Your Digestive System


Yakult is a probiotic drink that includes “good” bacteria.

This beverage restores the natural balance of gut bacteria. The reason we need to strike a balance in gut bacterial is that there are too many bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria.

The imbalance is created due to medication, illness, other antibiotics, poor diet, stress and more.

A gut imbalance can cause digestive issues, mental health problems, allergies, obesity etc.

Probiotics are usually found in fermented foods or taken as supplements. What’s more, they appear to be safe for most people.


2. Yakult & Diarrhea


Yakult are widely known for their ability to prevent and decrease the severity of diarrhoea.
Diarrhoea is often caused when there is an imbalance in the good and bad bacteria in the gut.

In one study it was found that consuming probiotics reduces the risk of antibiotics- -associated diarrhoea.

Probiotics can also aid with other forms of diarrhoea not associated with antibiotics.

Good Bacterial such as  Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii are generally associated with a reduced risk of diarrhoea.


Is Yakult Vegan?

No, Yakult is a probiotic made out of skimmed and fermented milk. But, it’s a vegetarian probiotic supplement.


3. Yakult & Mental Health Conditions


A lot of studies are done and show a direct connection between gut health and mental health.

Both human and animal studies find that probiotic supplements can be effective in enhancing mental health.

A review of 15 human analysis found adding Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains in their diet. They continued using it for 1–2 months. It was concluded that it depression, improve anxiety, and memory.

The effectiveness of the probiotic was also seen in a study of 40 people with stress.

Taking probiotic supplements for 2 months consistently decreased stress levels and reduced levels of inflammation. It helps in regulating hormones such as insulin, compared to people who did not take a probiotic.


4. Yakult & Heart Health


Yakult may aid keep your heart healthy by lowering your blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Some lactic acid-producing bacteria may decrease cholesterol by breaking down bile juice in the gut.

Bile juice secreted in the stomach, a naturally occurring fluid mostly made of cholesterol, helps indigestion.

By breaking down bile, probiotics like Yakult can prevent it from being reabsorbed in the gut, where it can enter the bloodstreams as cholesterol which can be harmful in long run.

An analysis of 5 studies concluded that consuming probiotic for 2–8 weeks reduced LDL cholesterol by 5% and total cholesterol by 4%.

Another study conducted over 6 months found no such results of decreasing bad cholesterol. However, the researchers did find an increase in good cholesterol.

Consuming probiotics may also lower blood pressure. It is healthy for heart regulation.

5. Yakult &  Digestive Disorders


Certain type of probiotic that has Lactobacillus strains have improved symptoms in people with digestive issues.

Yakult is a probiotic that has Lactobacillus strains, hence it has benefits for various bowel disorders. Early research suggests they may help with symptoms of irritable bowel, poor gut functioning.


6. Yakult & Immune System


Probiotics may inhibit the growth of harmful gut bacteria and aid in giving your immune system a boost.

A study found that taking probiotics like Yakult decreases the chances and duration of respiratory infections. However, more pieces of evidence are needed to back this up.

Lactobacillus GG has been analyzed with some studies on children and women. It was concluded that children consuming this bacteria reduced the frequency and severity of respiratory infections by 17%. Amongst women, it was concluded that the consumption of this bacteria reduces the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women by 50%.


What disturbed my gut flora?

Gut flora can be easily disturbed by consuming antibiotics, stress, old age, tension, lack of sleep etc.


7. Yakult & Weight loss, Abdomen Fat loss


Yakult aids weight loss. It has lots of mechanisms and it’s recommended that if your goal is weight loss choose Yakult lite.

Probiotics prevent the absorption of dietary fat in the intestine. In the next step, fat is then excreted through faeces hence it is not stored in the body

Probiotics may aids you feel fuller for a longer duration. It stores less fat and burns more calories.

A study was held where two groups of women were made one took Lactobacillus for 12 weeks and the other group didn’t take any probiotics. After 3 months it concluded that women who took Lactobacillus for 12 weeks consistently lost more weight and were more fit.

However, it’s important to note that not all probiotics aid in weight loss.




Yakult Review- Types  Ingredients


Yakult Probiotics are live microorganisms that have tons of health benefit attached to their consumption.

It is sweet in taste, but do not think of it as any other regular health beverage. It generally comes in  a pack of 5 which costs around:

  • Yakult Probiotic pack of 5 for Rs. 65
  • Yakult Probiotic Lite pack of 5 for Rs. 85

The reason why this product is priced at 65-85 for such a small quantity is justified as it has tons of health benefits.

Yakult is a Japanese probiotic. It’s a milk product made by fermenting a mixture of skimmed milk. There is a special strain of the bacterium ‘Lactobacillus casei Shirota’. It is one of the best-fermented product to be consumed worldwide.


Who can consume Yakult?

Yakult can be consumed by all irrespective of their age. But a word of caution is if someone is diabetic or calorie-conscious they can choose Yakult Lite as a probiotic supplement.


Yakult comes in two varieties:


Signature Yakult Probiotic pack of 5 for Rs. 65


Yakult Danone India has unveiled a probiotic drink. The drink contains the strain of the bacterium ‘Lactobacillus casei Shirota’.

The drink has added sugar. It can be consumed by all age group people except diabetic and calorie-conscious people can avoid it due to the added sugars. It aids in regulating the gut flora which can be easily disturbed by antibiotics, stress, old age, tension, lack of sleep etc.


Yakult Lite pack of 5 for Rs. 85


Yakult Danone India has introduced a new ‘light’ version of its probiotic drink. The drink also contains ‘Lactobacillus casei Shirota’ as Yakult’s signature probiotic beverage but with fewer calories and low added sugar.

There is no added sugar, the drink is sweetened with Steviol Glycoside. The brand claims this low sugar drink was made to cater to the needs of diabetics, health-conscious and elderly consumers.

With reduced sugar and Vitamin E and D, Yakult Light is a great probiotic for the daily needs of the health-conscious and is suitable for all age groups.


Advantages of Yakult

Yakult aids in regulating the gut flora (good bacteria in the stomach needed for proper digestion). It strengthens the immune system. This aids in the regulation of bowel habits & constipation and finally aids in healing some gastrointestinal issues. Yakult is gluten-free, fermented and suitable for vegetarians.


Disadvantages of Yakult

The product contains a lot of added sugar (10gms of sugar in 65ml). Hence, if you are a diabetic, it would be best to consult a physician before taking it.


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Maintaining a healthy gut flora is not all about consuming a probiotic supplement.

Other than adding a supplement other things we can do to take care of our gut is choose a clean diet, go for consistent workouts, regulate alcohol intake in limit. Similarly, there are many other lifestyle factors that can promote a healthy gut.

However, adding a probiotic supplement like Yakult may offer a wide range of health benefits with negligible side effects. As such, if you’re interested in improving your gut health with a supplement, they could be worth a try.

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