Green Juice Benefits

Green juice is a vegetable juice derived from vegetables like any other fruit juice.

There’s no official recipe for green juice, but there are common ingredients available in green juice like celery, spinach, wheatgrass, chia seeds, cucumber, parsley, and mint.

Although green juice usually tastes bitter, most recipes add small quantities of fruit and dry fruits like dates and raisins — which may or may not be green — to improve its overall palatability and sweeten it.

Popular fruit options include kiwi, lemons, berries, kiwi, lemons and grapefruit.

The consistent green juice drinkers prefer fresh, homemade juice, but you can buy it from juice cafés too.

Moreover, generally bottled green juices are available in the pasteurized form. This process heats the juice to inhibit harmful bacteria and extends shelf life, but it definitely damages the heat-sensitive nutrients and plant compounds found in fresh green juice.

Benefits of Green Juice




Any kind of inflammation in the body is the body’s way of indicating that something’s not right. Be it any kind of allergy – bumps, rashes, or other reactions in the skin or irritation, burning sensation following an upset stomach.

Inflammation that happens within the body externally or internally is bad and sometimes leads to the formation of many chronic illnesses if not taken care of properly. In fact, diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes, or stroke can all be traced back to the first sign of inflammation.

A glass full of natural greens is the ultimate anti-inflammatory magic potion that you can give your body. It will help your body and organs perform better by keeping the organs function optimally and in turn keep you healthy and fit for a really long time.



When our bodies are composed of acidic, elements like potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium are taken from our bones and organs to aid in neutralizing the excess acid, causing mineral deficiencies.

Consuming your green juice regularly first thing in the morning is the best way to start your day. That’s because human bodies are more acidic within the morning and consuming your green juice regularly made from fresh leafy veggies and fruits can dramatically regulate your PH levels and keep you energized for an extended period of your time.



It’s analyzed that tons of green juice has probiotic properties. Probiotics are tiny living good bacterias, organisms that help us in the process of digestion in our guts. They are also called good bacteria, they balance the gut flora.

There is tons of evidence to suggest that many compounds in fresh juice act as probiotics to support the growth of good bacteria in our digestive system.




A glass of fresh green juice is the most bioavailable nutrition you can offer your body. Meaning, it is very easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Unlike multivitamin capsules or tablets that are synthetically made in the laboratory, green juices made out of fresh vegetables have natural vitamins, minerals and active enzymes that are useful for your body.

Vegetable juices usually get absorbed within 15-20 minutes of intake.




Juices leave the stomach quickly and enter the intestine keeping you hydrated for a long time. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to have green juices on an empty stomach or one hour prior to a meal anytime during the day.

Usually, people consume this to give their digestive system a break. If you have been hogging on high quantities of fats, carbs and protein that has left your stomach feeling bloated and acidic then resorting to a quick green veggie beverage for a few days is a great way to soothe and relax down your tummy.

You’ll get all the superior minerals, natural antioxidants and phytonutrients in just a matter of a few easy glasses.




Did you know that kale, broccoli and spinach are excellent sources of Vitamin C as well?

As a matter of fact, Yesss… they are. Your green juice also has an excellent amount of water-soluble Vitamin C in it and if needed you can also pair it with a dash of lemon juice to boost its taste and effect.

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant known to improve immunity. It decreases oxidative damage of the cells, reduces stress, heals cuts and bruises, helps in better iron absorption and aids in many other metabolic bodily functions. 




Green juices contain mostly water that aids in hydration especially in the morning when our bodies are low in energy. Instead of going for tea or coffee, like people usually do, it is way better to opt for a glass of green juice.

It will help you flush out your systems and also hydrate them with good amounts of electrolytes while helping them become more alkaline. 




Daily intake of fresh juices regularly on an empty stomach will give you a boost of energy throughout the day and also uplift your mood. The variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients will prevent you from falling ill and help in delaying premature ageing.


9. Healthy SKIN 


Our bodies are built up of around 100 trillion cells that get clearer and healthier as we continue to drink our greens. Plus the gut healing and hydration benefits of green juice make sure your skin radiates from inside out.




Green juices are high in nutrients and low in calories. They are a great substitute for quick breakfast and mid-evening snacks. Since green juices aids in boosting metabolism, they can be easily used for weight loss when consumed with other sources of protein and carbs. It is best to consider green juice as another serving of vegetables and not a complete meal substitute.


Should you start drinking green juice?

Although green juice is often advertised as a cure. It’s marketed as exceptional healing powers, but the fact is that it gives you nothing that you can’t get from eating fresh vegetables as whole and fruit.

To be honest, the drink is excessively overhyped.

That said, it can be a beneficial nutritious component of your diet as long as you consume it in moderation and don’t use it as a substitute for whole veggies and fruit. Adding more to it you may find it as an easy way to enhance your nutrient content.

If possible drink fresh homemade and avoid the market packed green juice. If you have unregulated diabetes or another blood sugar condition, you should limit yourself to those that only contain vegetables.

Warning: Please, keep in mind that you don’t depend on the juice to meet all of your body’s nutrition.

The bottom line

Green juice is derived from green vegetables like spinach, kale and celery. Green juices may also include the fruits of your choice.

This vegetable smoothie beverage is an excellent source of multiple nutrients and plant compounds that support the heart, immunity and health. Still, it’s deficient in fiber and may contribute to low blood sugar control or kidney problems if consumed in excess.

If you drink green juice, be sure to moderate your intake. Don’t skip your part of a balanced diet.

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