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Know about 13 Best Gyms In Bengaluru with their facilities and annual fees. Also know benefits of gym and 7 points to look for a perfect gym.


Don’t just wish for a Good Body, Work for it!!


Workout is essential for our health and hence spotting nearby gym gets really important. Today we are here with a list of the Best Gyms available in Bengaluru. 


The List of Best Gyms In Bengaluru:


We live in a time and place where all sort of delicious food is just a single phone call away. Our work is mostly desk job, long computer hours hence we fail to burn those calories we intake.

This is the reason for increasing cases of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Regular exercise can benefit your health, mind and body. It not only boosts your energy but also increases lean mass, decreases the risk of heart diseases.

Now let’s take a look at the Best Gyms In Bengaluru and see which one is the best out there for you. 


1. Gold Gym


This gym has spread out in India widely and hence it’s much trusted as well. It’s the worlds largest fitness chain and one of the oldest as well in the pink city.

The company is immensely popular for its finest line of equipment, infrastructure.

It has tranquil and the best facilities. 

It also comes with expert trainers as well as programmes with yoga, martial arts, aerobics and weight loss programs. 


Annual Membership: 16,999


Gyms In Bengaluru


2. Apple Fitness


It’s one of the Best Gym options in Bengaluru for the perfect workout environment.

This gym is easily accessible to a lot of people. 

It’s another renowned fitness chain city has to offer with a great environment. 

Along with the gym, it has to offer nutrition, health facilities.

It has a line of expert trainers that offers hospitability and knowledge to the customers. This is undoubtedly the one-stop solution for fitness enthusiasts. 


Annual Membership: 11,800


3. Lotus Sports & Fitness


It’s another great fitness club in India. It has an amazing variety of fitness programmes. 

This health club offers more than just fitness programmes like, spa, yoga, aerobics etc.

They have a well-developed café, dieticians, nutritionists. 

It has a great equipment line and certified trainers. 

The well trained and friendly instructors provide you with a customized fitness regime that suits everyone’s lifestyle. 


Annual Fee: 34,200


4. MultiFit


MultiFit fitness studio has influenced a lot of peoples life physically as well as mentally. 

This is the most motivating and fun-loving place. It has fun programmes like belly dancing, Zumba, strength training etc.

It’s a fitness centre as well as a dance studio. 


Annual Fee: 22,475


Gyms In Bengaluru


5. Gym X


One of the best gyms in the town comes with a wonderful environment, a line with the best equipment as well as professional training experts.

 It uses modern technology, nutritional concepts and personal training programmes. 

They guarantee results with their diet charts. They also ensure the best fitness knowledge.

The environment is so fun that you can’t wait to visit again. 


Annual Fee: 8,000


6. Fitness Café


Delivering world-class fitness results with the best equipment and results.

It’s another renowned fitness chain city has to offer with a great environment. 

Along with the gym, it has to offer nutrition, health facilities.

It has a line of expert trainers that offers hospitability and knowledge to the customers. This is undoubtedly the one-stop solution for fitness enthusiasts.


Annual Fee: 16,899


7. Haute Fitness 


A gym attraction that presents ultra-modern facilities.

It is the best place to transform your current lifestyle and body. 

Anytime Fitness has the best equipment to offer with the best trainers. 

It offers multiple programs like strength training, core training, aerobics, diet plans etc. 


Annual Fee: 17,996


8. Invictus Athletic Club


This has more than 10 franchise all over India. This fitness centre carries enthusiasts and knowledgeable trainers. 

It has high-quality machines and personalized programmes. 

They offer a variety of workouts under one roof. 


Annual Fee: 25,000


9. Snap Fitness


A fitness studio with world-class facilities.

This gym presents ultra-modern equipment with a 24×7 workout environment.

A gym that fits everyone’s routine.

A convenient gym for all age groups and gender. It also offers varied programmes on fitness.


Annual Fee: 12,999


Gyms In Bengaluru


What are The Benefits of Gym ?


When someone joins a gym, he or she ends up getting some life-changing benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  • A consistent workout can change the way you look
  • It can increase your energy levels and boost your days
  • Gym helps you feel more confident
  • It makes you strong
  • A gym can give you the right environment
  • Very good motivation for regular workout lifestyle 


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Below given is a list of the Best Gyms In Bengaluru. But before exploring the Best Gyms In Bengaluru we must know what makes a gym perfect.  


Gym Hunting? What to look for in a perfect gym?


1. Qualified Trainers:

Working out in the gym involves a lot of difficult workouts. It also involves using complex equipment’s like, heavy dumbbells, shoulder press etc. Hence, it’s advisable to do exercise under a qualified instructor.

Make sure that the gym has hired trainers who are qualified.

2. Equipment:

The next thing that everyone should be looking for in any gym is the types of equipment. A good gym has great latest technology equipment’s.  It has equipment’s related to the workouts and activities.

3. Activities:

Gyms are becoming very interactive in their environment. To make the user experience fun many gyms have come up with the great concept of group HIIT workouts, weight mix Zumba, challenge workouts etc.  

They include goal-oriented workouts weight loss program, strength building programs etc. 

4. Hygiene:

In a time of crisis what we all need while hunting for the perfect gym is that it’s safe. A gym with great hygiene and sanitization is the need of the hour since our safety comes first.

5. Pocket- Friendly:

No matter how luxurious a gym gets but we need to keep a tap on the expenditure. A pocket-friendly gym is a priority most of the times. In the end, it’s just a place you going to visit just one hour a day and just a few days a week.

7. Gyms with extra perks:

We all can’t afford a personal trainer to guide us in our workouts and meal plans. Here is the trick we can definitely look for gyms that have a general trainer who guides you with no extra fee. Many gyms come with general trainers.

There are gyms available with many nutritional small cafes. They provide great shakes, juices etc. at the food counter.

Choosing a gym with unsex crowd is the best option out there.


A fitness studio is a must in city life. We need to take regular fitness workout sessions in a hectic life.

City gyms are great options helping us stay fit under great guidance as well. I hope you got just the list you were looking for while living in Bengaluru.

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