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Know about 9 Best Gyms In Mumbai, Maharashtra with address, fees and facilities, also know about the benefits of Gym.

Workout is essential for our health and hence spotting nearby gym gets really important. Today we are here with a list of the Best Gyms available in Mumbai.


All About Best Gyms In Mumbai with Fees and Facilities:


Regular exercise can benefit our health, mind and body. It not only boosts our energy but also increases lean mass, decreases the risk of heart diseases.

We live in a time where all sort of delicious food is just a single phone call away.

Our work is mostly desk job, long computer hours hence we fail to burn those calories we intake. This is the reason for increasing cases of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes etc.


Let’s know about the Best Gyms in Mumbai, let’s see which one is the best out there for you.


Gym About


Reset, Bandra West

Reset focuses on the fact that every person is different. Spread in 10,000 sq. ft.

World-class equipment with innovative healing methodologies.

Starting at 1499


Gold’s Gym, Bandra West

A two-storey gym with a top line of equipment. It has a counter of healthy snacks and juices.

Starting at 999



48 Fitness, Lokhandwala

A holistic fitness club. It incorporates various training methods with a 360-degree approach.

An ultra-modern, cutting- edge equipment.

Starting at 1599


Multifit, Andheri West

A gym with expert trainers, premier exercise pieces of equipment. A gym with a reasonable price band.

Starting at 299


Anytime Fitness, Lokhandwala, Vile Parle West and Khar West

A 24×7 open gym that fits everyone’s routine. All equipment made of the latest technology. A gym with a highly supportive atmosphere.

Starting at 499


Kris Gethin Gym

A gym backed with scientific technique to give the desired results. A gym based on the experience of a professional bodybuilder Kris Gethin.

Starting at 999


El Gymnasio, Goregaon West

A gym with multiple facilities like Zumba, Power Yoga, MMA etc. Focusing on the versatility of the human body.

Starting at 499


Vikings Trance, Powai

A gym to make your experience exceptional. Every detail has been taken into account. A gym best for every gym lover.

Starting at 799


Sykz Gym, Lokhandwala

A gym facility located in the heart of Andheri. A place to provide services at a very reasonable price.

Starting at 1499


Gyms In Mumbai


Benefits of Gym:


When someone joins a Gym, he or she ends up getting some life-altering benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  • A consistent workout can change the way you look
  • It can increase your energy levels and boost your days
  • Gym helps you feel more confident
  • It makes you strong
  • A gym can give you the right environment


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7  Things to Lookout while choosing your Best Gyms:


Below given is a list of the Best Gyms in Mumbai. But before exploring the Best Gyms in Mumbai we must know what makes a gym perfect. Gym Hunting?? What to look for in a perfect gym:


Qualified Trainers:


Working out in the gym involves a lot of difficult workouts. It also involves using complex equipment’s like, heavy dumbbells, shoulder press etc. Hence, it’s advisable to do exercise under a qualified instructor.

Make sure that the Gym has hired trainers who are qualified.



The next thing that everyone should be looking for in any Gym is the equipment. A good gym has great latest technology equipment’s.  It has equipment’s related to the workouts and activities.




Gyms in Mumbai are becoming very interactive in their environment. To make the user experience fun many gyms have come up with the great concept of group HIIT workouts, weight mix Zumba, challenge workouts etc.

They include goal-oriented workouts weight loss program, strength building programs etc.




In a time of crisis what we all need while hunting for the perfect Gym is that it’s safe. A gym with great hygiene and sanitization is the need of the hour since our safety comes first.


Gyms In Mumbai


Pocket- Friendly:


No matter how luxurious a gym gets but we need to keep a tap on the expenditure. A pocket-friendly Gym is a priority most of the times. In the end, it’s just a place you going to visit just one hour a day and just a few days a week.


Gyms with extra perks:


We all can’t afford a personal trainer to guide us in our workouts and meal plans. Here is the trick we can definitely look for gyms that have a general trainer who guides you with no extra fee. Many gyms come with general trainers.

There are Gyms in Mumbai available with many nutritional small cafes. They provide great shakes, juices etc. at the food counter.

Choosing a gym with unsex crowd is the best option out there.

Bottom Line:


A gym facility is a must in a lifestyle so hectic like most of us, so choose the Best Gym In Mumbai and stay fit.

A good gym environment could give us the extra push we need to stay fit. Choose the best suiting your lifestyle and pocket.

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