Honey For Weight Gain

How To Use Honey For Weight Gain With Recipes

When we are on a Weight Gain or weight loss journey Honey is often promoted as the best substitute for sugar.

Honey For Weight Gain is also marketed as a super healthy alternative to many sweet substitutes, especially sugar.

The reason Honey is promoted often for Weight Gain is due to its numerous health benefits associated with it. Honey being delicious and nutritious it has a lot more high sugar indulgence than sugar.

Let’s go into detail now about the Weight Gain journey with Honey.

What is Honey?


Honey is a sweet, fluid-like syrup substance. It’s produced by bees from the nectar of flowering plants. Honey is kept in a wax structure called a honeycomb. They are collected by humans through the beekeeping practice.

Honey and Weight Gain Journey


A lot of people wish to Gain Weight in a healthy way. There are many healthy weight gain products available like peanut butter, dried apricots, and dates. Honey is also one of the best natural and healthy sweeteners you can choose if you are planning to Gaining.


Pros Of Honey
Cons of Honey
  • High In Antioxidants
  • Improve Heart Health
  • Promotes Wound Healing
  • Better Than Refined Sugar
  • Aids Weight gain
  • High In Calories
  • Not Safe for Infants
  • Promotes Animal Cruelty
  • Not healthy if one is seeking to lose weight
  • Easily Adulterated


After Going Through the Pros and Cons of Honey you must have got a gist of, How Honey aids in Weight Gain.

Let’s have a detailed idea about the same. 

A vegetarian Resource Group came up with research that concluded that when anyone is trying to Gain Weight, the trick is to eat high-calorie food, nutrient-dense diet.  It claimed that if someone eats 500 calories to diet each day it ends up making one gain almost one kilogram. 

If this high-calorie diet is combined with a good workout then it is added to your body in form of muscle and not fat.


Honey Recipes To Fasten the process of Weight Gain 


Having Honey directly is one option but it’s tedious. Here are some fun recipes that one can use to make honey consumption frequent and consistent.


Honey For Weight Gain



1: Honey & Milk

Honey and Milk is a classic combination often featured as an ultimate Weight Gainer. Besides, it is incredibly calming and delicious. Milk and honey can bring a rich flavor to your favorite recipes.


2: Honey Lemonade


A chilled lemoned with Honey instead of sugar is an instant Mass Gainer. It does come with excellent benefits of tons of antioxidants. A cold lemonade in summer is an excellent option in place of carbonated drinks. 


3: Banana Honey Smoothie 


A good spoonful of Honey with milk and banana shake is the right fit when someone ventures on a journey of Weight Gain. The all-natural ingredients support your system with the right amount of sugar and aids increase in weight. 


4: Honey & Toast 


If you are less of a smoothie person and more of a proper breakfast buddy then this is the right choice for you. Honey can be easily combined with a toast or pancake resulting in a mouthwatering breakfast with additional benefits of Mass Gain. 


Honey helps in Gaining Weight because it has more calories than sugar. The trick of Weight Gain through Honey is in its calorie content. One tablespoon of honey provides us with 64 calories. It’s more than what one tablespoon of sugar gives us. One tablespoon of sugar provides us with only 64 calories.

One can Gain more Weight through Honey if you mix it up in your protein drinks. Honey is high in sugar content, it is digested quickly and causes your blood sugar levels to rise up quickly and crash— as a result, it increases hunger and potential long-term Weight Gain is caused. 


Honey can come with many more benefits like being rich in antioxidants, heals allergies, cold, and cough. Improves heart health, heals wounds. Honey is also way much better than sugar.


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Conclusion: Honey & Weight Gain 


Though one might be looking for Weight Gain but excess sweets are a magnet to many diseases like obesity, heart-related disorders. Hence high sugar content may cause adverse effects due to high-calorie content. 

Hence, it’s best advised to use honey but then to replace other sweeteners. 

A perfect limit to sweet is necessary and one must choose good quality honey to avoid adulteration. 


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