Sabja Seeds For Weight Loss

Sabja Seeds For Weight Loss In How Many Days

Basil seeds, or Sabja Seeds, different names of the same seeds. These seeds though tiny in size but have multiple benefits including Weight Loss hence there is no harm in calling them magic seeds.

Sabja Seeds are very healthy for our body in many ways. They are usually consumed after soaking in water. Two tablespoons of Sabja Seeds have only 40 calories and are dense in nutrients.


Pro says: “It’s a low carb but high protein seed, a rare combination in vegetarian sources of food.”


Sabja Seeds perfect Composition for Weight Loss:

  • 11 grams proteins
  • 5 grams carbs
  • 2 grams fibre
Sabja Seeds Weight Loss trick: “Fiber content of sabja seeds keep you satiated for long and ensure that you don’t end up eating too often. Hence you consume fewer calories and lose weight.”  




 Side effects 

  • Aids weight loss
  • Control Blood Sugar Level
  • Helps during constipation & Bloating
  • Aids acidity
  • Good for skin & Hair
  • Cures cold & Cough


  • Overdose might cause loss of appetite
  • Might decrease blood sugar
  • Might cause in few cases diarrhoea, acne, acid reflux, headache, abdomen discomfort.
  • Not safe for kids below 8 and pregnant women


The mechanism behind Sabja Seeds & Weight Loss


Sabja Seeds have lately gained an immense fan following as it was recently discovered that Sabja Seeds can aid your Weight Loss journey. It was found that Sabja Seeds have the ability to keep you full and thus they help you avoid unwanted binging.

The Sabja Seeds swell up and release digestive enzymes when they are overnight soaked in water. Now, these digestive enzymes suppress your appetite and aids in reducing unwanted food cravings.

These seeds are filled with fibre, fiber keeps us full for a longer duration. They prevent us from unnecessary overeating and reduces our calories intake.


Research says: “Daily consumption of linolenic acid causes the fat to burn.”


Sabja Seeds are high in nutrients and low in calories. It has nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron along with multivitamins. They also have high alpha-linolenic acid, which causes the fat burning metabolism in your body.


Ways to use Sabja Seeds for Weight Loss


Sabja Seeds are densely packed with nutrients and lately are considered the best way to Lose Weight. They aid in weight loss without falling short of essential nutrients that our bodies need.  The effectiveness of sabja seeds is increased after soaking in water, it makes them translucent and soft.


Sabja Seeds For Weight Loss


Sabja Seeds can be used in many ways to aid Weight Loss:


Recipe 1: Lemonade 

Make your regular lemonade with zero added sugar and add half a tablespoon of Sabja Seeds.


Recipe 2: Porridge 

While you prepare your regular porridge one spoon of Sabja Seeds can be the right combination to make your porridge even healthier. Keep the quantity of oil negligible.


Recipe 3: Fruit Salad 

A quick sprinkle of Sabja Seeds after it is well soaked in water it can be added to your fruit salad.


Recipe 4: Smoothies 

After soaking the Sabja Seeds they can be added to any smoothie as per your choice. Make sure that your smoothie doesn’t have added sugar content.


Recipe 5: Green Tea 

Sabja Seeds can also be added to green tea. It can be consumed hot as well as cold.


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Pro tip: “If you are consuming Sabja Seeds in green tea then it can be made in large batches. After your green tea batch with Sabja Seeds is made make sure you drink one glass before at least two meals.”


Sabja Seeds are well known for their natural benefits that add tons of value to your life. They help in keeping your skin glowing and fresh. It keeps hair healthy as well as nourished but also offer several other health benefits required for a healthy life.

Lately, Sabja Seeds started gaining popularity for their ability to aid Weight Loss. It must be noted that though Sabja Seeds have a lot of nutritional advantages, one must consult an experienced doctor before adding them to your diet if possible. 


Confused: Can Sabja seeds be consumed on daily basis?


Clarity: Sabja seeds can be consumed daily if not witnessing any side effects. It can even be consumed twice or thrice a day. 


Hence, Basil Seeds or Sabja Seeds can be added to your diet without much concern. However, only consuming these seeds won’t lead to Weight Loss. One needs to add some more diet-friendly clean food habits and work out to Lose Weight.


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