Horlicks Growth Plus Review

All About Horlicks Growth Plus Review- Advantages and Disadvantages

Know all about the Horlicks Growth Plus Review with it’s advantages and disadvantages, also know it’s benefits and basic ingredients.


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Horlicks Growth Plus (Review):


Every 1 out of 3 children in urban households lacks growth according to their age. It is due to multiple common reasons called nutrition deficiency. Horlicks+ for kids of age 3-9 is the one-stop solution to such nutrition deficiency.

Pediatricians suggest that healthy growth means good development of bones and muscles, not only fats. Horlicks+ claims that it comes with an advanced formulation. It’s designed to provide growth promoters and high-quality protein that naturally enhances development due to its nutrients availability.


You Gotta Nourish To Flourish.


Horlicks Growth+ gives all the key type II nutrients such as growth nutrients (Zinc, Protein,  Potassium, Phosphorus,  and Sodium) which are available to support growth and development..

  • It claims that Horlicks+ is Clinically Proven to provide 3 times more development & growth.
  • Composed of high-quality whey protein to help children who lack the average height and weight for their age.
  • Contains vital amino acid, glutamic acid, leucine, arginine and lysine to naturally activate growth in bones for strong healthy children
  • It is easy to digest and quickly absorbs into the body

Horlicks Growth+ is a balanced supplement for nutrition to optimize growth. It doesn’t cause obesity in children. This supplement contains vital amino acids and immune nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and D.


Benefits of Horlicks Growth Plus


  • It helps in maintaining the bones strong as it increases calcium intake.
  • It increases the flow of Hemoglobin in the body as it provides iron which aids in making the immune system stronger.
  • Horlicks provides Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and helps in defending the human body’s cells.
  • Horlicks provides Vitamin A hence; it strengthens the immune system of the human body and also improves eyesight.
  • Vitamin B1 in Horlicks helps the healthy functioning of the heart.
  • Calcium present in Horlicks helps to protect teeth.
  • Iron present in Horlicks helps in the production of red blood cells.
  • Horlicks comprised of Zinc which helps in healing wounds

Basic Ingredients of Horlicks:


  • Malted Barley, Vitamins,  Wheat Flour, Milk Solids, Wheat Gluten, Sugar Minerals, Soy Protein Isolate, Salts Emulsifier, Acidity Regulators, etc.
  • It also contains permitted added flavor and natural colors.




  1. Take about 200 ml of Hot or Cold, water or milk.
  2. Take 3 Teaspoonfuls (27g) of Horlicks.
  3. Add and stir well. The extra addition of sugar is not recommended.


Yummy Tip: Horlicks Growth Plus can be added to your milkshakes, cold coffees or any other smoothie.


Advantages of Horlicks Growth Plus

Good source of protein

An all-day energy provider

Great supplement to increase nutrition in the diet


Disadvantages of Horlicks Growth Plus

Added Sugar

Just Two Flavors Available



Do you still have queries regarding Horlicks Growth Plus and kids nutrition?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Horlicks Growth Plus and kids health.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. At what age should kids consume Horlicks Growth+?

The recommended age range for Horlicks Growth+ is between age range 3-9. It’s recommended that younger children shouldn’t be given this.

2. How is Horlicks Growth+ if consumed with cows milk?

As cow’s milk is always healthy to consume, adding Horlicks Growth+ makes the drink even more nutritious. It aids the child in growth.

3. Is Horlicks Growth+ gluten-free?

Yes, Horlicks Growth+ is gluten-free.

4. Is Horlicks Growth+ lactose-free?

No, Horlicks Growth+ is not lactose-free.

5. Is Horlicks Growth+ Suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Horlicks Growth+ is suitable for vegetarians.

6. What flavors are available in Horlicks Growth+?

Chocolate and Vanilla.

7. Can I add Horlicks Growth+ to water, juice, milk or soups?

It’s recommended to mix well with water or milk but not with soup or juices.

8. What is the perfect time to consume Horlicks Growth+?

Horlicks Growth+ can be given to kids at any time of the day but it’s best before or after playing or any other physical activity.

9. What makes Horlicks Growth+  so beneficial?

It’s high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

10. If the child is healthy, has appropriate height and weight, can he/she still given Horlicks Growth+?

Horlicks Growth+ is essentially to aid children who are being in growth and need to catch up. If the size and weight are appropriate for the kid and you are doubtful full please feel free to consult your doctor before adding it to your kid’s diet.

11. If the child is healthy, has an inappropriate height or weight, can he/she still given Horlicks Growth+?

Horlicks Growth+ is essentially to aid children who are being in growth and need to catch up. If the size or weight is inappropriate for the kid but you are doubtful full please feel free to consult your doctor before adding it to your kid’s diet.

12. Does Horlicks Growth+ help with my child’s immunity?

Horlicks Growth+ has loads of micronutrients like vitamin A, D, C they all support very well the immune system

13. Can I give my child Horlicks Growth+ as a meal replacement?

Horlicks Growth+ as a meal replacement is not advisable. It is a nourishing supplement that can be given as a part of the regular diet.

14. How do Horlicks Growth+ works?

It’s a nutritious drink clinically proven to nourish kids if their size or weight is inappropriate. It contains Vitamin D, A, C, calcium, zinc, whey. It aids in kids growth.

15. Where can I buy Horlicks Growth+?

You can buy Horlicks Growth+ on any pharmacy, modern retails like Flipkart, Amazon and big basket.


Bottom Line 


Kids are the most energetic units of the family hence their nutrition is the topmost priority. The nutrition of childhood is the ultimate foundation and hence its also of priority. Kids are fussy eaters hence a supplement like Horlicks Growth Plus (Review) is essential in their diet.


Nothing Tastes As Good As Healthy Feels.


Overall Horlicks Growth+ is an amazing nutritious beverage and easy to add to the diet.


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