Is Choco Lotte Pie good for health ?

Choco Lotte Pie

The Lotte Choco Pie is a popular treat amongst kids. The soft biscuits, fluffy marshmallows and choco are piled together to bring this choco pie. On the Choco Pie logo, ‘Together Forever” is shown with a tie illustration.



Fine bakery wares – Pies
Shelf Life
12 months
Net Quantity
56 g
Rs. 25


Ingridients of Lotte Choco Pie:


1. Wheat flour

Choco Pie says it’s made up of ” Wheat Flour”, “Refined wheat flour”, it all implies “maida”.
Caution: Unless the brand explicitly states “whole wheat flour”, it is always maida.

2. Choco Covering (20%)

Edible Vegetable Oils (partially hydrogenated)
Cocoa Solids
Milk Solids
322 – Soya Lecithin
476 – Polyglycerol esters of interesterified ricinoleic acid
Caution: The word “partially hydrogenated” means there are trans-fats in the pack.
To be precise the product does contain trans-fat (0.7 gm per 100 gm, as per the packaging).

3. Sugar

Both the outer covering and the choco covering has added sugar. As per the packaging, there is:
  • 33 gm of sugar in 100 gm of choco-pie
  • 1 pie measures 28 gm
Hence, each choco pie contains 9.24 gm of sugar (around 2.5 tsp of sugar).

4. Liquid Glucose

Liquid Glucose
Typically used for instantly increasing blood glucose levels. Hence ingredient makes it excessively harmful for kids. This is an ingredient mostly used in a medical emergency.
5. Edible Vegetable Oils


This is another negative point when it comes to the ingredients of choco pie. The vegetable oil used is not mentioned on the pack. This makes the ingredient list vague.
The lack of transparency is not good when we choose something for our kids.
N 100 gm of this product contains 17 gm of fat.
So, each choco-pie contains 4.76 gm of fat (around 1 tsp of oil).
6. Corn Starch
Corn Starch
This is just an attractive name for corn flour.
Corn flour is highly refined and excessively processed corn to get a fine powder.
It is essentially a processed form of carbohydrates. It adds zero nutritional value to your food. It only adds unhealthy, unchecked and unwanted calories to your diet.
7. Sorbitol


Sugar alcohol in Choco pie with a sweet taste metabolizes slowly in the human body. It is an artificial sweetener and food additive.
Sorbitol has a laxative effect.
It can be taken on occasion to aid you during constipation.
The packaging clearly states “polyols may have laxative effects

8. Glycerol


This ingredient is also called glycerin, It is mixed into foods so that it can thicken them, regulate their moisture level as well as stabilize them if they contain a blend of water and oil.
A recently published research re-evaluated glycerol as a food additive. Glycerol being an additive is not a healthy ingredient for kids as well as adults.
9. Raising agents 


500(ii) – Sodium hydrogen carbonate (Sodium bicarb)
503(ii) – Ammonium hydrogen carbonate
10. Acidity Regulator


341(i) – Calcium dihydrogen Phosphate
EU has placed this ingredient on alert.
11. Iodized Salt


Iodized Salt
Iodized Salt-teambeingfit
Choco pie doesn’t share any data on the sodium levels in this product.
We can easily assume since fats and sugar are high, salt must also be there in excess as well. It’s an unavoidable trilogy in most junk foods.
12. Stabilizers
407 – Carrageenan
Carrageenan is a natural polysaccharide that has been derived from Gigartina stellata, Euchema spinosum, E. cottonii, red seaweeds, Chrondrus crispus, as a gelatinous substance. High concentrations bring about flatulence and bloating. It is not yet proven as immunity safe. There are chances that it might weaken the immunity and ad carcinogenic element to our health.

Thickener 415 – Xanthan Gum:

There’s already maida and cornflour to thicken.  The need for this thickening agent is unnecessary 415 is Xanthan gum.
It’s a polysaccharide, extracted from the fermentation of corn sugar with the help of a bacterium. It intensifies food intolerances and allergies.
13. Milk Solids 
14. Soya Protein
Bottom Line 
After reading all about the ingredient of choco pie we can conclude that choco pie is not one of the best snacks for our kids as well as for adults. It shouldn’t be a part of our regular diet. Best avoided.
Frequently Asked Questions related to Choco Pie 
Is Choco Pie healthy?
Choco Pie has high sugars content and is not a great snack to eat regularly as it’s a certain chance to put you over the recommended intake for daily sugar consumption.
It has:
  • 13 grams of added sugars
  • 4 grams of saturated fats per serving
Hence Choco Pie should definitely be consumed in moderation.
Is Choco Pie Korean?
Choco pie is a South Koren snack cake consisting of two small round layers of cake. It has marshmallow filling and chocolate coating.
Type cookie
Place of origin South Korea
Is Lotte Choco Pie Indian?
The Choco Pie is South Korean but it was adapted to Indian conditions.
It’s a vegetarian product. Outside India, animal extracts are used.
The chocolate quality was also modified to suit Indian weather. 
Is Lotte Choco Pie a Vegetarian snack or a non-vegetarian snack?
Yes! Lotte Choco Pie is a vegetarian snack when made for India. It doesn’t even have egg sources. Outside India, animal extracts are used.
Is Lotte Choco Pie harmful?
It contains unspecified edible vegetable oil. This vegetable oil is partially hydrogenated. Partially Hydrogenated fats are a source of “trans fats” or trans fatty acids, which are harmful to health if consumed regularly.
Is there a marshmallow in Lotte Choco Pie?
Lotte choco pie is a delicious cake with chocolate covering and marshmallow filling.
Is Orion Choco Pie Vegan?
This is a Vegetarian product.

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