Why Fitness Bands are Biggest Scam Of Fitness Industry !

It’s a huge trend now a days !!

and you must have seen every other guy wearing a strap around his wrist.

Concept behind the invention is that it helps you to monitor your day to day activity

and helps in planning your caloric Intake and diet as per your goals.
but, what is going on with the crowd is that it has become a status symbol like they say….oh look “i count my daily activity” and just because of that i am fit !


FITNESS industry has introduced the bands as a serious calorie tracker but, as the costs sunk down to a very low level , it has become an everyday toy for people to brag about and falsely feel fit just because they can track and include the activities they never previously considered as workout in there exercise routine.

So, below are some quick points

  1. They Doesn’t Really Make You Fit. They Just Create Illusion!

    Have You Ever Considered The Steps That You Walk In Your Daily Routine Activities Li
    ke Travelling or Just Your Fun Time As A Workout ??   Well, Congratulations! Now You Can.Including Normal Walking Steps Into Your “Calorie Burned Today” Creates A Happy Feeling In Your Mind While You Look At Your Steps At Night. And, That Is Enough To Make You Lazy For The Very Next Morning Workout.So, If You Own A Fitness Band, Make Sure You Use It Only During Your Running Sessions To Measure The Distance And Approximate Amount Of Calories Burned.  


    This Is Especially The Case When It Comes To Calories Burned. Fitness Trackers Rely On Basic Information Like Your Age, Height, And Weight To Determine How Many Calories You’re Expending, But Unless You Have An Advanced (and therefore expensive) Tracker That Measures Things Like Heart Rate And What Type Of Exercise You’re Doing, You May Not Be Getting A True Reading. Plus, No Tracker Can Measure Your METABOLIC RATE, Or The Number Of Calories You Burn When You’re Not Moving, Which Is Also A Factor In Accurately Measuring Calorie Data.

  3. You Can Track With Your Cell Phone.

    Your Smartphone Can Do Most Of What A Fitness Tracker Is Able To Do, And You Already Own It. Want To See How Far You’ve Run? Try Using App’s Like Runtastic, Adidas Mi Coach etc. Windows Phone’s Now Even Have Their Inbuilt Distance Tracker. Most Bands Will Give You Basic Info Like Distance, Time, Calories, and Pace For Free, and They Can All Be Used In Conjunction With Your iTunes Playlists. Or, if you use a fitness tracker for the Sleep Tracking Capabilities, try an app like Sleep Cycle for iOS, or Sleep Bot for Android, which is free.
    Your smartphone will do most of what a fitness tracker can do !!

  4. You Can Get In Shape Without A Device.

    Want To Get Fit?
    Wake Up Early And Go For A Run, Take a yoga class, Play Some Sport, Have A Set Of Dumbbells and start Swinging, Dust off your Bicycle And Ride It. Just Get Off And Enjoy Physical Activities.
    Human Body Is Naturally Made For Physical Tasks.
    So, Get Physical, Eat Natural And There You Go.
    You Can Do All Of These Things Without A Rubber Band Strapped To Your Wrist.

  5. Ever Seen Any Fitness Professional Tracking It Out? (Other Then Commercial Advertisements)

    Most Probably You Haven’t. And, This Itself Proves The Reality Of The Importance Of Fitness Bands In Making You Healthy. These Bands Had Become A Style Symbol In Society, Status Symbol In Fitness Centers, And An Easy Excuse For The Lazy One’s To Skip There Own Resolution Of Being Fit !

  6. You Become Slave To The Data

    Similar to the “If you build it, they will come” ethos, if you’ve got a fitness tracker, you’ll constantly check the corresponding app to see your stats. And, When you go out for a Run Or Simply Walk and  forget to strap on your tracker, Panic Strikes You, which Repeatedly questions: Are You Really Taking The Steps That Are Not Being Counted On Your Tracker?

  7. Smart Watch Will Be A Better Choice Instead. (If You Are Really Into This)

    If You’re Going To Drop Some Money On An Advanced Wearable, Spend Some Extra Bucks And Get Yourself A Smart Watch. A Smartwatch Is Much More Useful Than A Fitness Band. It Will Track All Of The Data That A Tracker Would Have Been Done, It Will Sync With Your Smartphone, And It Will Look A Whole Lot Nicer Than A Rubber Band.



Tracker Wont Stay With You Forever. People Use It As New Cool Show Off Tool And Study Says That 50% Of People Quit Using These Within 6 Months


So, Some Gadgets Are Really Useful And Are Needed In Today’s Lifestyle, But Fitness Band Is Not One Of Them.


If you’re already Purchased a fitness tracker, It’s Time To understand that it is nothing more then an obsession !
And if your fitness tracker is now just lying somewhere below the sheets with a dead battery that hasn’t been charged in months, you most probably are nodding along with every item in our list.

And, if you have not purchased a fitness tracker yet, but are thinking of purchasing one….. ?
Save yourself…Stop, before it’s too late. No one really needs a fitness tracker.

Spend your money on something better, Put Those Precious Bucks Too Buy Yourself Some Healthy Nutritious Things To Include In Your Diet Routine, Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands And Stay Out Of The Fitness Tracking Insanity.

You’ll Be Glad You Did. Case Closed.



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